Why in Switzerland?

Switzerland provides an excellent standard of living and quality of life. Though the cost of living is expensive, this is more than accounted for by the high wages and low taxes. In Switzerland, housing, education, health care, social security and infrastructure are all maintained to a very high standard. It is safe and child-friendly, and there is a very lively sporting, cultural, and social scene. Switzerland’s location at the heart of Europe makes it easy to explore the rest of the continent. Swiss recognition of Greek medical qualifications is made by the Swiss Medical Board. Practising medical staff also need certification from the Canton in which they work. These applications take approximately three to four months, and require proven language ability in one of the Swiss languages (German, French, Italian) at Level B2 (Common European Framework). However, as we work primarily with hospitals and medical centres in German-speaking Switzerland, we will prioritise candidates with good German speaking and writing ability.